We want to believe that the food services we provide are not just a part of the hotel business. That’s why we treat our restaurant as a distinguisehd element, meant not only for the hotel clients, but for everyone who wants to feel the distinction of a delicious meal, served with elegance in a stylish and intimate location.

A salad it’s not just a bunch of veggies thrown together in a bowl. It must be a green declaration of health, beauty and balance of taste. We use only fresh ingredients to create marvelous combinations of taste and visuals. You can eat it as a simple dish, or as a side dish, but we are sure that you’ll apreciate the exclusive mix of flavors that will give you joy and energy, all combined in an easy meal!

Did you know that soup served before the main course stimulates the appetite? And that it is one of the oldest courses arround? Our restaurant serves a variety of soups, sour-soups, tripe-soups carefully made from some of the most delicious ingredients one can find on the market. Of course, our cooks have that special sixth sense that makes this beautifull dish a perfect choice, both for the taste and satiety.

“The only time to eat diet food is while you are waiting for the steak to cook.”, said Julia Child, and we couldn’t agree more. There’s something about this dish that makes people ask for it over and over again. We serve our argentinian beef steak, seasoned with the right garnish and a fine, smooth wine. Come by anytime you like, and taste it! Of course, other types of steaks and meats are also available.

We could talk about the wine for ages; it’s one of the oldest and most appreciated drink in the history of mankind. Our country is blessed with sunny weather and perfect hills. That’s why the Romanian vineyards bless us with some of the most appreciated wines in the whole world. In our restaurant, you’ll find an exclusive selection of noble Romanian wines, but also international wines, and other alcoholic drinks and cocktails.


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